Welcome to my website. My name is Shashank Shekhar, which is apparent everywhere :). Professionally, I am a doctor and a Neuroscientist. Recently my love for photography and fine art has reborn. I am passionate for both my profession and my hobby. For me photography is an ‘Art of Science’. The art which doesn’t end with a click (involving tons of mechanical as well computational algorithms) but ends with a outcome which is profoundly artistic and beautiful.

I was always fascinated by the black and white images from the old family albums we had. I got hold of my grandmother’s very old black and white film camera, tried to fix it, but did not succeed. Later, I bought my first color film camera (kodak). I shot lots of family events and in the process learnt from my mistakes. Those days each click costed Rs 5 (Indian Currency). Money was luxury especially since I was a student and was not earning. I had to be 100% confident with my composition and lighting before making the decision to release the shutter.  I think this restriction was vital to my learning curve.

Then came the days of Mobile phone cameras. I was very happy initially, it was literally free of cost to take as many pictures as I could,  pick the best one and discard the rest. However, the limitations were apparent soon. The quality of images were terrible. On the bright side, learning was not expensive any more. As time passed by I upgraded the phone and came with it newer and advanced camera. I kept shooting and learning. Recently during my research work, I came in contact with  Dr. Ilkka Nissila who happens to be a Scientist as well an excellent photographer. He introduced me to the world of digital photography. I call him my Guru. I also learnt a lot from my friend in medical school Dr. Sandeep Kochar. The recipe from my friends, my own old experience and my passion has improved my skill further. The other sources for learning has been Youtube, book etc. However, the best source has been CreativeLive. I seriously thank everyone for helping me with my endeavor. I am still learning and will keep learning.

My wife, Roopsi has been my major inspiration. She always pushes me forward and give me great ideas and feedbacks. Because of her, I am able to create my own digital footprint  in this world wide web. The more photos I take, the more confident I feel to call myself as an artist.

Check out my work and please do leave comments.


Shashank Shekhar

March 15th, 2013