Workflow from Click to Publish

I have been contacted by many of my friends, asking how do I take photos or how do I get images of this quality.

So let me guide through the steps I usually take from taking a photo to its final output. For me final output is internet.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Normally I shoot with my Nikon DSLR . I mostly take images in RAW format, so that I have more control on the image. Note you need RAW compatible software to even view the images in a computer.

Step 2: I scan through the RAW files in my computer in  Adobe Lightroom 4.  I pick the images that I find are good enough as keeper. Later, I rate them from 1 to 3. I discard the images from Lightroom catalogue or delete permanently from the hard drive if the images are out of focus, framing of subjects is absolutely wrong or inappropriate exposure.

Step 3: I do the processing in the Lightroom. You can use any RAW processing software.

Step 4 (optional): From Lightroom, I jump to Photoshop to pixel modify the image. Then save and comeback to Lightroom.

Step 5: I export the image as JPG/JPEG format, sRGB color specs, 100% quality for printing, 60-75% quality for web use (Facebook, my website)